Oklahoma Divorce Forms: How to File for Divorce in Oklahoma

Oklahoma divorce formsFrom an attorney’s point of view, the best way to file for divorce in Oklahoma is to retain a divorce lawyer familiar with the procedures and the potential pitfalls of the legal process. We know that even a simple divorce can get complicated when unforeseen matters arise.

Yet, not everyone agrees they need an attorney for divorce. Some believe their divorce is sufficiently simple or adequately amicable they can file for divorce without cost or conflict of a legal battle. Some people who might otherwise prefer a family lawyer’s assistance just cannot afford an attorney.

As divorce attorneys, we understand not everybody wants to be represented by an attorney in their divorce. We provide the services of Oklahoma Divorce Forms Pro to assist those who want to complete their divorce as simply as possible without an attorney’s representation.

When you contact us, we provide brief consultations to give you the benefit of our legal knowledge, but we spare you the up-front costs of retaining an attorney to represent you. We draft the documents based on information you provide, and offer you accurate information about where and how to file for divorce in Oklahoma.

Professional Divorce Document Drafting Services

A divorce form drafting service still costs money, but not as much as it would cost to have an attorney represent you. In addition to the costs of our drafting service, you’ll need to pay filing fees, potentially pay a process server and meet any other costs that might arise.

If your spouse objects to the divorce and retains a lawyer, you might later want to do the same. In that case, the documents we’ve drafted will already be on file, professionally prepared to the standard we would require if you chose us to represent you in court.

Whether you decide to go it alone with a document drafting service, or you hire an attorney to represent you, the legal process of a divorce will be the same. Here is a brief explanation:

The Divorce Process in Oklahoma Explained

  1. Fill out the divorce papers.
    Once you’ve decided to get a divorce, the process begins with paperwork. Typically, one spouse can fill out a petition for divorce and have the papers served on the other spouse.

  2. File completed divorce forms in your local county court.
    You must file divorce forms in the county where you’ve lived for at least 30 days. You file where you live, not where you got married. You must reside in Oklahoma six months before you can petition for a divorce here. If you have children in the marriage, you must file an affidavit that meets requirements of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.

  3. Serve the other spouse with your divorce petition.
    You or a process server must provide the spouse a copy of the divorce papers. In an uncontested divorce, the other spouse need only sign an Acceptance of Service form to acknowledge receipt of the papers. A process server may otherwise affirm that the papers were duly served on the other spouse.

  4. Attend court appearances as required
    In an uncontested divorce, if the other spouse files a response showing agreement with the divorce, the process may proceed more quickly.

    In a contested divorce, your spouse may retain a lawyer even if you don’t have a lawyer. Either party may subpoena financial records to support their arguments for equitable division of property. Lawyers or their private investigators may interview your associates, your children and even your children’s teachers in an effort to develop a case. Courts may order you and your spouse to attempt mediation before a trial is scheduled.

  5. Sign and file the final divorce decree.

Getting Started: Free Consultations

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